January 2017

Welcome to The Type A Traveler!

This is the first official blog post of The Type A Traveler, and I could not be more excited! I’ve always loved to travel, but I’ve never had a way to share my adventures with friends and family. My husband, Matt, shares my passion for travel and suggested a blog would be a great way to keep our Instagram-less parents in the loop!

I was blessed/cursed with an extremely Type A personality. I say I’m blessed by it because the attention to detail and obsessiveness makes me a world-class organizer. And yes, these personality traits also carry over into my travel planning! There is no detail that goes unnoticed when I’m getting ready for a trip. I will research all of the best places to eat, things to do, places to stay and I’ll have them written in a detailed schedule with a back up somewhere! Don’t I sound so fun?! Luckily, I’m married to the sweetest, most laid back and patient man I have ever met. He balances out my crazy and forces me to relax and sometimes enjoy moments of spontaneity… if the schedule allows!

We constantly get asked questions about our trips like “where did y’all eat?” or “where is the best place to stay?”. I love getting questions like this! I don’t want all of my planning to go to waste. So the idea of this blog is to share all of that information so that everyone can enjoy the same experiences that we have had!

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