Driving through Tuscany

The only way, and I repeat, the ONLY way to see Tuscany is to rent a car. Public transportation throughout Italy is very reliable, but it’s another story when it comes to the countryside of Tuscany.

The idea of renting and driving a car in a foreign country was horrifying to me… so I nominated Matt to drive. That left me in charge of directions and the GPS. Before we left, I printed out maps and typed directions just in case our phone’s GPS didn’t work like we had planned. Despite all the preparation, map studying, and route preparation, we still got lost multiple times. Our road trip was the most stressful part of our vacation, and we couldn’t wait to turn our rental car back in, but it gave us so much freedom to explore and a real sense of adventure!

We stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast in Montepulciano (more on that later), and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. It was in the heart of Tuscany, but also centrally located to all the towns we had planned day trips to (more on that later too). For this post, I just wanted to feature the beautiful scenery we were able to take in. None of these pictures are specific to any city or attraction, but they deserve to be featured.

Take a minute to slow down and enjoy the colorful wildflowers, the native Tuscan cypress tress, the gorgeous poppies in bloom, and the bright blue skies.

Thanks for reading! Next week I’ll post about our time in Montepulciano!


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