About Me

My name is Cameron Calhoun, and I’m a pharmacist from Arkansas who works more-than-full-time to afford my travel addiction! I’ve been blessed/cursed with a Type A personality which means I obsess over details, planning, and organization. Don’t I sound so fun?! Luckily, I’m married to the sweetest, most laid back and patient man I have ever met. Matt balances out my crazy and forces me to relax and sometimes enjoy moments of spontaneity… if the schedule allows!


I created this blog as a way to share all of my hard work with our family and friends… I don’t want all of that research to go to waste! We constantly get asked questions about our trips, and I love it! I’m always so eager to share our adventures with whoever will listen. So the idea of this blog is to share all of our trip reports, restaurant reviews, fun things to do, where to stay, and travel tips so that everyone can enjoy the same experiences that we have had!


When we aren’t traveling or working (or planning our next trip!), you can usually find us in the gym or curled up on the couch with our two cuddly “monsters”, Honey and Homer.